Socio-Demographic, Nutritional Status, Risk Of Falls Toward Sarcopenia Among Community-Dwelling Elderly

Rifa, Yanti
Rohmi, Fadhli
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STRADA Jurnal Ilmiah Kesehatan
Sarcopenia is a condition of muscle degeneration, occurs due to multifactorial aging process and have impact toward increase hospitalization and mortality rates. The purpose of study was to analyze correlation between Socio-demographic, Nutrition, Risk of fall toward sarcopenia among community Dwelling Elderly in the Pekanbaru. Cross sectional study was conducted among 275 elderly selected by cluster sampling. Data were collected using questionnaires and analyzed using Bivariate (Chi-square test) analyses. The age mean of Respondents was 63,3±3,7, female was 63,6%, married was 90,2 %, Senior High School was 40,7 %, Unemployed was 69,1 %, Malnutrition was 12 %, Risk of fall was low 27,6%. There was a positive correlation between gender (p value 0,023), marital status (p value 0,019), Education level (p value 0,033), nutrition status (p value 0,014),mRisk of fall ( p value 0,008) toward Sarcopenia. Suggestions for research, it is necessary to have further research related factors of Sarcopenia. For nurses, it is better provide health education regarding factors that may be changed in elderly. Therefore nurse should collaboration to stakeholder such as general practitioners, nutritionist, physiotherapist, family, making policy.
Community-Dwelling Elderly, Nutritional Status, , Risk of Falls, Sarcopenia