Food Hygiene In Nutrition Unit Of Petala Bumi Hospital Riau Province

Riski Novera Yenita
Meli Okvitasari
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Abstract-Objective: The hospital functions as a place of healing and recovery of disease, one of which is by providing nutritious intake to patients without neglecting the cleanliness starting from the ordering process, processing to food distribution. This study aims to determine food, personal and environmental hygiene in the nutritional installation of Petala Bumi Hospital Riau Province. This research is a qualitative research based on the philosophy of postpositivism. The research sample consisted of 4 people, namely the head of nutrition installation, production, distribution and outsourcing. The variables studied included the reception of food ingredients, storage, processing, serving, distribution, behavior of food handlers, and cleanliness of the work environment. Research instruments in the form of interview guides, observation sheets, and document review as a comparison. The results of this study indicate that the food hygiene at the Petala Bumi Hospital nutritional installation has fulfilled the requirements and is categorized as good, only a few aspects that have not been maximally fulfilled such as the stage of processing food that is good and right can be able to maintain the quality and safety of processed food. Whereas the wrong way of processing can cause excessive nutrient content in food.